We are a team of senior Fashion Designers and Project Managers assisting fashion brands with everything from design concept and development through to the finished bulk product, connecting you to ethical & sustainable manufacturers and suppliers globally. 
From our Australian-based office, our team assist in streamlining the design, development, and production process with high-quality tech packs and efficient Project management systems, eliminating costly, time-consuming setbacks and increasing transparency and accuracy. 
Think of us as an extension to your team, without the overheads!


To provide a platform streamlining development and production processes for fashion brands, as well as offer access to transparent, sustainable and ethical manufacturing and supply chains.


I’m Linda, founder of VISIONISE. Growing up in a small mountain village in Norway, the transition from remote mountain living making my own clothes, to travelling all around the world for my own International fashion brand as well as designing for large International Chain stores such as Barney’s NY and Kitson, was a journey I never would have imagined.


After running my own Fashion Brand with own retail stores, around 200 stockiest and offshore factory for 9 years, I made the heartbreaking decision to sell the business to spend more time with my two young boys.


I had worked too hard accumulating knowledge, skills and business connections over the years to let it go to waste go to waste after I sold my business. Though I built a successful business from scratch, it does not mean it was easy, I learnt the hard way.


  •  I thought of all the ways that could have saved me time, heartache and financial risk.

  •  I thought of how the industry I love so much often involves unethical practices and leaves such an enormous footprint on our planet, and how I can help change this. 

  •  I thought of how I could help myself, and other business to have a more balanced life whilst doing what we love.

  •  This is what became VISIONISE.


Fast forward a few years and I have the pleasure of working with my inspiring and talented VISIONISE team and a great variety of brands offering something new to be inspired about in the sustainable fashion area every day. Our Team, our Manufacturing associates and our Clients work hard to improve the fashion environment to leave less of a footprint.

Linda won the Newton-John Alumni Award 2012

In recognition of innovation and creativity in any field that has originality, lasting value or social benefit to the community