To save you an overseas sourcing trip that will cost you an arm & a leg we have sourcing and custom fabric production at your fingertips! 


Fabric selection is vital in the design & development stage of your project and can be very time consuming too, we have created this library to make this process easier & more cost-effective for you. Use this Fabric Library as a tool to assist with the initial sourcing process. Keep in mind that the listed fabrics are not limited to what we have access to, and we update the library regularly. We also can custom source and custom produce fabrics. Please ensure you have read the loan terms & shipping information.


We can custom make fabrics; Provide us with a reference sample and a description of content, weight and finishing. If you like us to use yarn such as recycled, organic, lenzing certified and use Eco Dye's, then we can also provide the certification swing tags.


CERTIFICATION SWING TAGS: Free certification swing tags may be ordered on request with bulk order. Please check with us if your chosen material qualifies.

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