For first time customers, we require an approved quotation before proceeding to sample - keeping in mind this is a quote, confirmed bulk prices can only be calculated upon confirmed finished samples.

We can only provide quotes based on complete tech packs and/or physical samples (see below handover requirements). The main cost is material and the consumption of them. There are many varieties of the same or similar material, so the more precise the information given, the more precise the quote. Ensure you specify detailed material descriptions and target price so we understand if your priorities are a premium or a more price-conscious product. We can provide extensive sourcing services if required as well. We also need to know your intended QTY per style/colour and total order as this will impact costing.


We receive a large volume of quote requests, we don’t normally charge for this, however sourcing, and calculating is time-consuming, so in some cases, we may need to charge if: There is too much guesswork, or extensive sourcing is required.

Once quotes are approved, we can go to the next step of sampling.

​Always keep a final approved sample in-house as a means to verify production results. Your approved samples will be used in production as a sew by.​

Good quality samples can be sold and ​therefore sample costs can be recovered. 



We require complete tech packs with CAD technical drawings as handover to our factories for sample and bulk production. If tech packs submitted​ are​“not up to our standard”, we will require them to be re-made or updated by our team to ensure we​ ​avoid challenges for our makers in understanding them. Incorrect or insufficient tech​ ​packs are likely to result in incorrectly made product = Loss of time and money for all parties.

Tech packs must be provided as print-ready PDF files and include a design detail page, fabric & trims, print art, BOM, labelling, packaging, specks and grading rules (unless ​requested for us to create this).​ Tech packs must be updated with fit /sample reports and adjusted specks through the sampling process until everything is confirmed for bulk. The final tech pack will be proof of purchase and the instruction sheet for​ ​all makers.


Our tech packs and fit reports are priced on a flat fee and based on whether the styles are classified BASIC or COMPLEX. You can get an instant quote via our online order forms: TECH PACK ORDER FORM and SAMPLE REPORT ORDER FORM If you are not sure what your styles will be classified basic or complex, please ask our designers before completing an order.


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